Mission, Values & Vision Statements

Mission Statement
The mission of the Grafton-Midview Public Library is to provide resources and support for the education, information, and recreation of the community.
Values Statement
The Grafton-Midview Public Library places great value in:
  • Intellectual freedom
  • Equal access to information for all people
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Respect and tolerance for diverse viewpoints and individual differences
  • A high standard of customer service
  • A varied and timely collection of resources that reflects the needs and wants of the community
  • A friendly and service-oriented atmosphere in the library conducive to learning, research and browsing
  • Integrity and ethics as guides for all personal and professional actions
Vision Statement
The Grafton-Midview Public Library will be integral to the Grafton community’s intellectual and cultural life, deeply rooted in and responsive to its community. The Library will provide free and equal access to information, knowledge and ideas; promote personal enrichment and life-long learning; encourage literacy and love of reading in all age groups; and foster cultural and educational programs and partnerships. The Library will ensure quality service through positive human connections and an inviting physical environment.
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