Are You a Scrabble Enthusiast?


Our Library Scrabble contest is a fun and educational event where players of all ages can test their vocabulary and word-building skills. Participants can compete to see who can score the most points by forming words with Scrabble tiles on a game board. The library Scrabble contest is a great way to encourage reading, learning, and socialization, andis a hit with bookworms and word lovers alike.


  1. Players must use the official Scrabble game board and tiles provided.
  2. Only one word entry per person, per game. Games will last as long as tiles are available. When tiles run out, a new game will start. New games and winners will be announced on social media.
  3. Players must place their tiles on the board according to the standard Scrabble rules.
  4. Valid words must be at least three letters long and must be found in a standard English dictionary. Proper nouns, abbreviations, obscene speech, and acronyms are NOT PERMITTED and will be removed from the board.
  5. Points are awarded based on the value of each letter tile and any special squares on the game board that are occupied by the word.
  6. The player with the highest score at the end of the game wins the contest. In case of a tie, a winner will be chosen randomly from those with the same score.
  7. Any disputes or violations of the rules will be resolved by the game officiants.


  1. Fill out the entry form with your name and phone. Hold on to your entry sheet until you have formed your word.
  2. Pull 7 tiles from the tile box.
  3. Arrange your word on the Scrabble board. Your word must be incorporated with other words on the board and cannot be free standing on its own (as per Scrabble rules). Write your word on your entry sheet.
  4. Write your name and total score on the clipboard tally sheet. Please print.
  5. Place your entry sheet in the basket provided.
  6. Wait til the game ends and see if you win! Winner need not be present.


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