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2 GRAFTON-MIDVIEW PUBLIC LIBRARY || SEPTEMBER - DECEMBER 2022 || REGISTER ONLINE AT GMPLIBRARY.ORG There’s no place like home is something I usually say walking through the door after a week away. It is a feeling of comfort and familiarity that makes you glad you are home once again. Similarly, this is how I feel when I enter the door of Grafton-Midview Public Library after a week’s vacation. I hear the familiar sound of an employee welcoming me inside. The rows of shelving draw me in to browse the old and new books! In addition, maybe young voices are coming from the second floor or the hustle and bustle from the back room with new items Thursday, September 15, 8 AM - 8 PM Join us on September 15 for the annual Community Foundation of Lorain County CONNECT TO a CAUSE fundraiser. This event allows donors to shop a grant catalog for our GMPL Endowment Fund, letting you know how these funds help our community. This special 12-hour campaign provides an online opportunity to leave your legacy or honor someone through a donation. Last year, GMPL put funds from this event towards our outdoor lockers, thus providing materials to patrons 24/7. You may make your donation online at peoplewhocare.org from 8 AM – 8 PM or send a check to GMPL Endowment by September 15. Thank you for your support! arriving. Yes, in spite of some time off, it feels good to come back to work. I hope you feel the same about your community library as I do. Our excellent staff provides great service, making you feel at home when you walk in the door. This September is our annual campaign for Library Sign-up Month, where we encourage everyone to get a free card to open your window to the world. If you are new to the district, I invite you to visit our facility. You will find a welcoming place to call your second home! What is that familiar phrase I often say, my home is your home? Lastly, I encourage you to read this colorful brochure filled with new things to discover, connect with, and inspire you. Mark your calendar for the New England Folk in Concert with Andy & Judy, sponsored by the Friends of GMPL Read Between the Wines on September 8. It is sure to get your foot stompin’. Adele FROM THE DIRECTOR CONNECT TO A CAUSE