Public Comments Policy

Grafton-Midview Public Library Board of Trustees Meetings are open under the Ohio Open Meetings Act. Consistent with the Open Meetings Act, the public may observe meetings, excluding executive sessions, but observers may not participate in or disrupt the work of the Board.

The agenda of a Library Board of Trustees meeting will include an item for public comments, which is a time for the public to contribute to the discussion. The Library Board of Trustees accepts comments but may choose not to respond to them.

Before the meeting, persons wishing to comment must sign in and provide their name, address, the name of the organization they represent, and the public comment topic before the Board recognizes them to speak. Following the order of the sign-in sheet, the board president may limit the time and the comments of each public participant and will do so by announcing the time limit at the beginning of the meeting and applying equal time to all participants. It is up to the Board to extend or further limit this time by a vote. The chair can decide to raise a question of privilege.

The meeting minutes include the name, address, and public comment topic. Copies of the Library Board of Trustees meeting minutes are available upon request per the Ohio Public Records Act.

Approved by the GMPL Board of Trustees on May 9, 2023

Resolution #23-5-2